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excalibur 1066 maduro
Man, what a stick this was. I had this last night out on the deck while relaxing and reading. Pre light revealed a very strong, full sweet maduro smell. Almost wanted to just keep smelling this thing instead of smoking it. From start to finish this was a very smooth stick. Good draw, even burn with lots of nice flavor. Full body with hints of nutty goodness. At times there was a taste that was the exact replication of the pre light smell. I am not kidding. It was amazing! All the way down to the nub the consistancy was great. A great after dinner stick that will be making it's way into my humi for years to come.Big Grin
I very nice smoke,I like the #2,but would call it more of a med. body cigar.Wink
I have had two. tried one in the morning with coffee and one in the evening several weeks earlier, both stood out. Definitely rated as one I would stock regularly in my humidor.
Good smoke in general.  Unfortunately for me this cigar got lost in the world of Pepin, Litto, and Tatuaje.
I always have construction problems with the non-habanos HdMs . . . I don't know why or what it is, but it seems like they ALWAYS unravel on me. Taste good, but . . . I don't think I've ever managed to get one to stay together long enough to finish.


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