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Nub 466 Cameroon Torpedo

[Image: nub+466.jpg]

Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Size: 4" X 66

Appearance: The appearance is probably the most obvious thing about this cigar. they are pretty funky looking! In this case, I smoked a very short, very fat, box pressed torpedo of a cigar. That said, other than the bizarre shape, it was a pretty good looking cigar. Relatively firm and evenly packed, this cigar had no noticeable soft spots and generally seemed pretty well constructed. Also the wrapper on the cigar looked delicious, with a beautiful rosy hue. There were no noticeable blemishes or veins, and the wrapper practically oozed essential oils, such a beautiful sheen.

Pre-Light: The clip was easy and the pre light draw seemed okay, but with a cigar as strangely shaped as this one, I could not be sure. The pre light flavors were pretty straight forward. There was a smidge of earthiness and a ton of that great tanginess that I associate with Cameroon Wrapped cigars.

[Image: nub+466+2.jpg]

Burn/Draw: Amazingly, the burn on this cigar was pretty good. Considering the strange size and shape, I had my reservations about this one. But when it was all said and done, it was pretty good. The burn line wasn't perfect but it never got really bad, and generally self corrected. The draw was just about right too, allowing just the right amount of smoke. One problem I did have dude to the odd size: Because of the large girth of the cigar and diminutive length, after the first inch or so, the cigar got warm to the point that it was almost uncomfortable to hold. the only other major complaint I had was that I could have done without the box press as it made it a bit hard to draw off the cigar. It wasn't the end of the world though. The ash was very light grey and very firm , which seems to be the hallmark of the brand.

Flavors: Hmmm. . . this wasn't a bad cigar, but it wasn't an exceptional cigar either. It was pretty straight forward flavor wise, it had a lot of Cameroon Wrapper tanginess, and a little bit of earthiness, and a bit of black pepper at the end. That's about it. It was consistent, and the flavor was rather pleasant, but it did not wow me. That said I did like it, and they are fairly reasonably priced, so I could find space for them in my humidor. That said probably not the shape that I smoked for this review, as the gimmick that draws one to these cigars (the odd shape) just proved too ungainly an experience to be worth the time. Overall while not recommended completely, I really do think the Nub Cameroon is worth a try.

I leave you with what is becoming a tradition among Nub Enthusiasts, MY NUB STAND!

[Image: mudhen+nubstand.jpg]

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
I smoked a Cammie 464 whil Tom smoked his 466.  I got pretty much the same thing from the cigar as Tom did.  I felt the cammie flavor was a bit muted at first, but opened up more and more as I smoked it.

After trying all 3 types of Nubs, I like the cammie the best and didn't care for the Habano at all.  The Conn was pretty good as well.
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Nice review as always Tom. I didn't care much for my first cammie nub, but it was a pre-release and I've learned that the have improved the blend since. I'll have to give these another go.  As of now my favorite is the 460 Connecticut
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
Its on my list for the weekend.  Thanks for the review and info Tom.
finishing off my day with a cammie 460 definitely better than the connecticut but the habanos still is the best in my opinion.

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