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camacho coyolar puro
Let me first say that in the past I have tried a few camacho products and I didn't like them. This changed my mind. Pre light reveals a sweet but spicy aroma. After light up draw was good, burn was ok. Flavor was spicy with leathery notes as well as some peat flavors. Around half way through this thing really shined. Something I have noticed with a good quality stick. It mellowed out to a medium to full body with spicy notes still tingling my palate. Real nice flavor all the way to the end. Very earthy with no bitterness. The nub also revealed some caramel notes that were very pleasent.Would recomend this as a great morning or after dinner smoke.
im with you on this. nice balance of spice and cream, very very good cigar. nice review!
Glad you enjoyed it.  I really like the Coyolar, but probably prefer the Corojo maduros (not the Triple Maduro, just the maduro in the regular Corojo line).
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All there sticks are something special.
Love the the nice strenth and spice balance.

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