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Who purges
Good_Stogies_Mon Wrote:I do just after I light it up and then as needed.
     Same here...
B-Dub Cigar Ambassador Wrote:
fishhound Wrote:
ktee Wrote:Hey peeps, new peep here, just wondering how many "purge" their smokes?

I have gotten into the habit of doing this.  I like to "blow out" through my smoke as it seems to get rid of some of the gasses built up in my smoke and provides another sweet toke.

Is this cool or not?
I have done this practice. Usually if my cigar goes out, or turns bitter. I have found that it helps, but it is something I only do if necessary.
The Dub actually taught me this at our very first herf in TN. What a herf that was!
i definitely do it.  doc stogie told me to do so in a podcast so i don't question. Smile

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