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Free Stuff from Fumee and Torano!
Awesome Torano Deals for You!
The Fumee Lounge in Cedar Park, TX is having a Torano event, and we've been authorized to allow the event specials to be offered ONLINE. Charlie Torano is bringing his top roller, Filipe, who will be rolling a special cigar only given out at events, The Roots Run Deep Cigar. As far as we know, this is the FIRST TIME EVER that you can get the ROOTS RUN DEEP CIGAR online.
Our specials include:

1. Buy a box (or mix and match any 24), and get a free sampler (7 cigars) and 3 Roots Run Deep Cigars
2. Buy 2 boxes and get 2 free samplers, 3 Roots Run Deep Cigars and a t-shirt
3. Buy 3 boxes and get 2 free samplers, 7 Roots Run Deep Cigars, a t-shirt and an ash tray
4. Buy 4 boxes and get 2 free samplers, 7 Roots Run Deep Cigars, a t-shirt, an ash tray and a green leather cigar case ($65 value)

This sale ends Saturday, December 5th at 4 PM Central, because that's when the roller is here and we can collect your roots run deep cigars for you. All Torano orders that are eligible for free goods will ship Monday, Dec 7th. Any order placed from now to then that is eligible will AUTOMATICALLY have their prizes added to their order. This makes a great holiday gift!

Check it out at

We also have C A O samplers at over 20% off MSRP!


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