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Joya to the world Sale
Joya De Nicaragua Antano Sale.
This cigar is for the experienced cigar smoker.
I talked to the rep. about having Joya De Nicaragua event at the store. I want to do a contest to see who can smoke a robusto grande down to the nub and keep the ash on and then stand it up on the ash. The first one to do it would win a free box.
What do you think and would any of you guys come?

Anyway here are the deals.
[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_3337]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Belicoso$4.23[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_17609]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Churchill$3.83[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_31881]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Consul$3.13[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_46153]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Gran Consul$3.93[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_60425]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Gran Perfecto$5.13[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_74697]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Lancero$4.89[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_88969]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Machito$2.39[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_103241]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Magnnum 660$4.73[Image: yhst-10277695886680_2037_117513]Joya De Nicaragua Antano Robusto Grande$3.68
Already scooped a box of lanceros from JJ.  Fabulous cigar.  Great service.  And thanks for the slick JDN hat!
Rob The Long Island Cowboy Wrote:Already scooped a box of lanceros from JJ.  Fabulous cigar.  Great service.  And thanks for the slick JDN hat!
I had 1 with Rob this afternoon...[thumbsup] [winner]
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
This is an absolutely great cigar.  I mean not the stomach churner as advertised imho but a nice full bodied smoke.  And in the lancero size it just hits gear.  Almost like an entirely new cigar.  Just one of those smokes that just hits it's mark at a specific size.  Great smoke at a crazy low price.  Definite finger burner.

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