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Cigarbecue 2024
Local bbq place started doing cigar/bourbon/bbq event few years ago. My firsrt year going. Was excellent time.
[Image: PXL-20240413-162853031.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-163744289.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-164910377.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-170821990.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-180047170.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-183646177.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20240413-191322869.jpg]
No Justice, No Peace!
Guy from handsome devil actually won fiod Network challenge
No Justice, No Peace!
Nice! Looks like there was no shortage of beverage options lol!

No Bill, im paying today. Sanj Patel was there as well
No Justice, No Peace!
Nice selection of spirits.

Hopefully in another week or so, things will calm down here & I'll get out for a few stogies.
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