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Triple dipped?
Hi all!
 So I just got back from the Dominican. I traveled without my travel humi thinking I’d buy a couple cigars there. Easier said than done to get a decent deal without having to buy some sampler pack with their local “mama Juana” drink. 
 So I see a gentleman smoking a nice, fat stogie and I asked him if he got it locally. Nope. But, this gracious dude hands me one. Wouldn’t let me give him anything either. He told me to pay it forward to some desperate soul sometime (my words, not his :-)
I definitely will!
Anyway, he called it a “triple dip”. It was delicious! I tried looking for him to ask what it was and where he got them. 
 It was a box pressed cigar. About a 6 x 60. Tasted fantastic. No band or cellophane on it when he gave it to me. It was mellow and sweet but not so sweet it leaves a taste on your lips between puffs. It burned nice and freely. Thick, creamy smoke. 
It was lightly colored and the wrapper was very delicate and thin. 
Delicious smoke! The guy was from the Bronx. 

Do any of my fellow stogiemen know what this wonderful cigar might be called so I can buy a truckload of them?!
Assuming he brought it from home. Maybe one of these shops have what your looking for.
Haven't heard of them.
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(01-13-2024, 10:29 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: Haven't heard of them.

Me neither.

Thanks everyone. I’ll peruse those websites.
I'm not sure about triple dipped.  Wrapper sounds like Connecticut.

I'm guessing that it was "dipped" in something like a bourbon.

I remember years ago, Gurkha had some that were dipped in Cognac.  They were sold in glass tubes & the top of the tube was sealed with wax.  There were at least 2 versions, IIRC. 1 had a brown/red wax top & the other was silver/platinum.

I used to see them on & some other online sites.

Found this one:

Just a note: If you used aware of the shipping costs.
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here, this may be it.
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