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November must be "Pick on Bill" month...
My main man Sukhi, the owner of the local UPS store called me and sounded somewhat off... and I heard an engine running.   Was he driving?  No, he was in the back of an ambulance...   He told me that he placed a slip in my box for a package and then realized the box was ticking....

Before he could do anything BOOOOM!   The store was leveled and he was injured by an ICD...  Improvised Cigar Device...

Dave did me in something awful!

Cigars, coffee, and a couple of chocolates to top it off!

And check the dates on those cigars... 2015 and 2017!!!

[Image: IMG-2931.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2932.jpg]

And check out the yellow cello!

[Image: IMG-2933.jpg]

THANKS Dave!   I really appreciate it!   I'm looking forward to trying... well, everything!!!

This board has turned into a regular warzone. Another amazing hit!
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Wow, hahaha. Nice one
No Justice, No Peace!
Coffee hits, WTF...

And also love the variety of stogies.

The Appliance man is no longer lonely just looney..
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Woohoo! glad they made it ok. Sorry about your pkg pickup place. heh heh
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
(11-05-2023, 01:10 PM)Domniomaestro Wrote: Woohoo!  glad they made it ok. Sorry about your pkg pickup place.  heh heh

I think my UPS store is going to set up special US Customs-like screening for anything with my name on it lolololol!!!!

Nice Bill. Now you need to upgrade your coffee maker to the Technivorm. Great hit!
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