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Storing cigars in the boxes
Just wanted to see what the best way to store cigars for at least a year was. Should I take the plastic off? I do not plan to break the seal on them till I want to start smoking them. Unless it is better to do so to allow more air circulation. The boxes of cigars will be stored in a regular cooler with 320 gram Bovida packs affixed to the lid.
One can go back & forth on this.
I always take the plastic off the box (not the cigars) & open the box & examine the stogies to make sure they are all ok.
I would hate to open a box a year from now & see that something is wrong (crack, mold, bugs )etc.
Every now & then I always examine my cigars in the humidor.
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I didnt think about the mold or bugs. Guess I am to trusting that i will receive them in pristine condition.
I generally take the plastic shrink wrap off the exterior of the box if there is any, and that is all.


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