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My Cigar Journey
Mon O' War Puro Authentico

[Image: 20231111-212922.jpg]

2 week rest 8mm punch

[Image: 20231111-212726.jpg]

Cigar started of nice and mellow with alot of pepper at the back of the nose. The smoke had a tendency to want to go through my nose on it's own. Has a favor that reminds us me of a Oliva I have had. But cant place my finger on it. I believe that has more to do with me picking up the wrapper flavors. The construction is good, but the cigar is quiet hard above and below the wrapper.  The draw was medium and the smoke feels light in the mouth. Smoke production was great and the burn was perfectly even.

[Image: 20231111-214315.jpg][Image: 20231111-215824.jpg]

Amazing light bodied cigar with no off flavors or surprises. I will have to pick up a box of theses and see what they are like with 6-12 months rest.
They do give out a lot of smoke. I'm surprised the draw wasn't a bit difficult.
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