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Hello from DE
So you don't see the tar at the beginning of the cut but you taste it halfway / 3/4 thru? Strange indeed.
I never experience that problem myself so I can't help you.
Probably, a good question next time to post in a thread as oppose to the new member section.
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I've experienced the tar issue before.  Why it happens?....I've heard many different theories. 

When it does happens, I just recut the cigar, just enough to get rid or the tar & then continue smoking it.
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How long did it take to smoke it, what size was it?
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(01-11-2023, 10:04 PM)nayslayer Wrote: How long did it take to smoke it, what size was it?

Took about 45 to 50 mins to get 3/4, I believe it was 4.5x38 maybe 42 at most. I will have to double check when I get off off work.
Hi and welcome from California!

Another welcome from California!
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