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Ramon Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 Club Allones
Ramon Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 Club Allones


Year of Manufacture/Box Codes: 2015

Country of Origin: Cuba

Wrapper Color: Colorado Maduro

Wrapper type: Cuban

Filler: Cuban

Binder: Cuban

Vitola: Club Allones (5.375x47)

Manufacturer/Distributor: Habanos S.A.

Factory: Unknown

Humidimeter Reading: 63%


Temperature: 30 degrees

Humidity: 50%

Wind: N/A

Setting: My backup spot in the big, indoor smoke room.

Paired with: Iced coffee

Cigar Aficionado called it "Dark and rustic in appearance, this cigar weaves earthy elements of coffee bean and spice with sweeter intonations of honey and dried fruit." and scored it a 92

Medium textured, irregular, somewhat veiny, dark Colorado maduro wrapper with very visible seams, a medium texture, short cap/head, and a hard bunch.

Slightly tight cold draw with no discernable taste.

Overall, a somewhat unattractive appearance.

So, as you can see i definitely agree with the "dark and rustic appearance " description so far.

Lets see, 7 years later, how I describe the rest of the experience and what I score it.

Even burn, dark grey, strong ash, flat coal and only a slightly tight draw.

Ample smooth, cool smoke, and a very light but fragrant aroma of floral and wood.

Generous richness and body, mild strength and perfect balance of generous flavors of earth, wood and floral notes, and a generous finish/aftertaste of the same.

Overall of very good character, with a very good score of 91 out of 100.

And, as a trial, for the first time, here are my scores for each individual section so you can see where it did well or where it lost points, and how i arrived at the final score that I did.

Appearance/Construction___12____ 15
Burn ___24____25
Smoke ___9___10
TOTAL___91___ 100

And, i swear i "borrowed" this point scale below from somewhere, namely Cigar Aficionado, but cant find it anywhere in a really quick search. Suffice to say, I'm 99% sure I didn't create it. I am seriously considering doing some tweaking on it though, we'll see.

Any opinions on the scale are very welcome so I can adjust if enough people agree that I should like I'm considering.

100-point scale as follows:

97-100 = Outstanding
93-96 = Great
85-92 = Very Good
78-84= Good
65-69= Poor
64 and below =Bad

[Image: 144828e9882d1635148042ff6cc6af2f.jpg]

I friggin love cigars

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