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Football Camp
Alex's mom signed him up for a half day football camp on Friday.    It was mainly an agility/athletic camp, not running plays and such.

She let me know the night before not to tell Alex that is was a Deebo Samuel camp (Alex's favorite player), and that he was going to be there at the camp.   And she popped for the VIP package so Alex would get to meet him!

She didn't tell Alex until they were checking in, and he didn't believe her lolol!

Needless to say, Alex was super excited and freaked out which I totally understand.  Alex got to take a pic with Deebo, which he was stoked about.   He told me that he got to high five Deebo at one point during the camp.  Brandon Aiyuk was there as well and Alex got to high five him too!    Alex then told me that he was never going to wash his hands again lololol!!!!

I was so excited for him, and seeing him so happy about it really made me smile.

They will get their picture in a few days, and I'll post it when I get it.   In the meantime, here is a pic that his mom took of Alex and Deebo zoomed way in from far away (that is why it is so fuzzy).

[Image: Photo-Jul-22-4-17-10-PM.jpg]

Exciting for sure. Damn Alex is tall. I remember sending you guys a birth gift. Time does fly by.
That’s a day he’ll never forget.
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So cool! He'll be flying high for a long time after that.
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That's awesome. Reminds me of a time I saw Kenya Cannons at local jiggle joint
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