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Caldwell Lost & Found Cigars
Caldwell Lost & Found blends?

Description from the site:

Quote:His Lost & Found series occupies a valuable niche: so many factories have great tobaccos but available in such small quantities they could never see the light of day for commercial production. He scoops these lots up en masse, scouring the aging rooms of factories from Miami to Esteli and every tabacalera betwixt, and rolls out series after series of micro-batches under the Lost & Found banner. Mostly once-and-doners, so you may never see a given Lost & Found blend again. But that's a feature not a bug. You get to burn some really interesting nano-batch blends.

Now I see them online a little more frequently lately, but haven't tried any & didn't give them much thought until a couple of weeks ago, I was in a local b/m looking for something new to try & he had some of them.  I was interested, until I heard the prices he was selling them for.  I understand the costs of owning a b/m & buy from them every time I visit, but he was selling these in the $18-$23 range.  So I passed on them & went with a few others.

I've just seen them online for around $20 for a 5'er.

I'm thinking of trying a couple of them.

Has anyone tried any of them?
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