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If cigars are kept in a humidity controlled area at the supplier and shipped with a humidity pack why is it suggested that you leave them in your humidor 3 or 4 days before you smoke them.  The humidity has been controlled at all times. Just wondering.
Mainly because of temperature and humidity changes. Yes, it’s shipped with a pack but that doesn’t mean it’s completely sealed ( air tight). Outside temperatures still affect the shipping process. 
And of course it depends on time. How long did it take from point A to your place. Overnight, 2 days, a week etc. Now a humidity pack will help stabilize your stogies during shipping but it’s not the end of all. One needs to take many factors in consideration.
Smoking your stogies as you as you receive them might seem reasonable, the reality is you really should let them get acclimated to there new environment. Smoking them too soon could be disappointing. Why stress yourself  and your stogies out. A little patience pays off.
Just my opinion.
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Yeah, I do the mostly do the same as what Jimmie said. 

But sometimes, every once in a while, I will smoke one the day after they arrived.  It depends on how they "feel" to me.  Are they too hard?  Do they have a little "bounce" when you give them a gentle squeeze?

Also, sometimes, with cigars that are very strong/powerful, I'll try to let them rest a long time.  It gives the flavors a chance to smooth out, mellow, & blend a bit too. 

What it comes down to, IMHO, is personal preference.  If your cigars smoke good for you, smoke'em.   Smile

There's the old saying: "Smoke what you like & like what you smoke"
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