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Big Rigs & Monster Trucks
Yesterday the wife & I and my parents took the little man to the Big Rig Truck Show and monster truck throw down. He had a total blast. I have to say the monster trucks were pretty cool.
I can't wait to take him to a real show in a big arena.[Image: a9aa8f26cc14794cc6d8d9fbda10c89b.jpg][Image: 104a89400b6f6f90d2b2f6999b27dd24.jpg][Image: 02193edd8a450919ff0be1ba59f7ddff.jpg][Image: 2476f35efba0bb9286bd82fa271a5fdc.jpg][Image: af808714670eab0534505cd6e059c826.jpg][Image: b530489413886a733c7948f0e0e13c21.jpg]
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That big smile on his face says it all!   Thumbsup
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Very cool!

That's cool Ben.
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