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tatuaje Tattoo
Universo (Toro)
6 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Unknown - Not disclosed
Filler: Nicaraguan

Construction is nice, some veins and foot smells of sweet tobacco. Very firm and medium draw.
[Image: IMAG0684_zpskhcaz1u4.jpg]

1st third:

Burn is pretty straight, but slightly wavey. Picking up a little cherry and almond sweetness. Maybe a little pepper and decent amount of smoke. Ash is white gray and is very solid, burning well and very solid.
[Image: IMAG0685_zpsida4wngv.jpg]
2nd third:
As to be expected, ash just fell on my belly. Chery has turned into a light citrus on the retrohale. What was a medium smoke now is starting to go medium/full. Pepper is starting to wave it's hands. Burn is slightly squirlly but fine.
[Image: IMAG0686_zpsah1elkiz.jpg]

Final third:
Light cherry is back and pepper is kicking up. Getting a little creamy and getting a little mouth feel. Feels like there is a bit of a coating in my mouth of light vanilla and pepper. Burn has gotten a little worse, but no relights. At this point there is no doubt its medium/full, almost full. Towards the end still getting a little cheery and pepper is pretty strong at this point.

[Image: IMAG0687_zpssrlwhops.jpg]

For the price, ($5) this is a great smoke. Its not the most complex, but another solid cigar from Pete. I found that if it sat a bit and wasn't smoked so fast, you were able to get some nice flavor. Is it the best tatuaje cigar? No, but for the price, its a solid smoke that I would love to have a box of. They come in 50ct boxes so its a little hard to justify a box, but maybe a box split is in order. Hope this review helps you some.
No Justice, No Peace!
50 count boxes, wow..
Thanks for the review, always helpful.
I'm surprised not much pepper on the retro hale.
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I really didn't get pepper till last third. Little at first, but small
No Justice, No Peace!
Nice review!

I'm going to have to try t find a few of these online.
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