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Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 2012
After some mixed reviews about last years Fine & Rare Toro I was hesitant to get a box, but with some prompting from a buddy I decided to pick up some of this year's Fine & Rare Torpedo (easily my favorite cigar shape). My local was kind enough to set aside a box for me, and I have to say that upon seeing the box alone I was pretty blown away.

[Image: photo2.jpg]

[Image: photo4.jpg]

[Image: photo3.jpg]

The packaging on these is one of the most over the top boxes that I have ever seen. Of course, lipstick on a pig is always a possibility. It's how they smoke that really matters. So on a long walk through the city today I fired one up. I have to say that I was pretty happy with the purchase. Perfect draw, lots of pepper and dark chocolate throughout the whole cigar. I don't power though smokes with any speed and this one was no exception. Almost two hours of enjoyment to be had here.

[Image: photo5.jpg]

Sixteen bucks a stick might be more than most folks want to pay for a single cigar, but I definitely enjoyed this as much as a few other higher end sticks in recent memory. I am going to let the other nine rest for a bit and I might build a vertical of these like I have with some of my favorite wines.
$16??? Hell I paid $20 a stick for mine......there was an AB event at a local B&M that I couldn't make so a buddy went for me, picked up 2 F&R's and 4 New Yorks for me.

That box is pretty killer, but at $20 a stick, I can only do 2. Congrats!
Thanks for sharing the pics and review.
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Nice review


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