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Thought I would say Happy Thanksgiving a day early and see what everyone is Thankful for? Also, what's the plan for tomorrow?

I am off for the first time in 12 years since my days as a Detective when we received holidays off. On patrol, you get what you get. Just glad I am off and Thankful that in 18 months I may retire again.

Thankful that my lovely wife beat breast cancer over the last year (at age 48) and that she currently healthy.

Also thankful that today I am ordering a brand new Dodge 2012 diesel crew cab long bed in BLACK. Similar to this. Oh and here is a pic of the rig I am almost done with, its my new STOGIE MOBILE, topless when I want it that way. 77 Ramcharger all new more modern interior. but since its topless, its great for having a stogie in. This rig is also getting a mini traveling COKE HUMIDORE of sorts, It will be painted to match and contain stogies!!!

And my plan for tomorrow is RELAX, I do plan on sitting in the shop and having a couple of cigars with the future son in law.

So whats are you thankful for and whats your plans?


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I'm just grateful for everything... My family has made it through some insane crap lately and i feel like things are getting better.

Tomorrow morning, my Mom and I will visit my Dad and then come home... Nothing too crazy..
I'm thankful my beach house is standing after the hurricane.
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family, friends, career....I am truly blessed and entirely grateful. As far as tomorrow...small celebration. Jaclyn's mom and step dad will come to our place for a laid back holiday.
Hope you all have a fantastic day with your loved ones!
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I am thankful for my family-especially my Grandma who will be 90 in January! I am thankful to be changing the ONE regret I have in life and for having a supportive husband and two healthy boys. I am thankful to have a job that doesn't pay well, but has great benefits, I'm going to miss it in a few years. My life is far better than I dared imagine, God answered my freakishly specific prayers.

Since Dad is going to spend tomorrow in the home with Grandma(they can only accomodate 4 at the dinner), we'll be at my inlaws, then maybe to my sister's for dessert with Mom & Dad.

On a slightly less serious note: I am thankful it is almost deer season and that Charlie Batch will probably get the start for the Steelers this weekend, Roethlisberger is such a slimeball!
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Family, Friends, Career.

Well said Brother.
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I am thankful for my family especially my son. He is the everything to me..
I am thankful for my wife & girls. I am thankful for all the brothers at SC, who are truly an amazing bunch.
Thankful for our freedoms and the military willing to fight for us to be able to have our Thanksgiving dinner. Please remember them as they are away from their loved ones. I am also thankful for my wife and daughters who are taking care of me while I am hurting.
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I'm thankful to have love in my life!!!

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