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Tatuaje Apocalypse
(11-30-2012, 08:56 AM)SJS Wrote:
(11-28-2012, 04:34 PM)irratebass Wrote:
(11-28-2012, 01:03 PM)SJS Wrote: I ordered 2 boxes.....don't have the room, but don't care !!! Love the Acarchy, can't imagine this will be anything but awesome !!!!

I'll take a fiver off your hands to help you with that space issue Big Grin

I'll think about that...but don't hold your breath !!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Baseballsmall Pet em' right here

(12-01-2012, 02:45 PM)wingo Wrote: Not to put a damper on the Limited Edicion stuff, but the Tatuaje Capa Especial (the one with the sumatra wrapper) is one of the best cigars he's put out. I'm not sure when it was released, but it is really tasty.

I agree, I love those fricking things

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