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let's try this again
not really a "new" member here, so i thought this would be the best place to ask this question. sorry to the modrators if i re-popst this here,which is whee i originally posted it. i wantd to see if anyone has gone here yet. thank you.

haven't posted anything on here in so long, i had to re-register. i think i got my old name back though. good to see the best things never change. anyway.........

i was trying to find a 5 star restaurant in Texas that I wold be able to go to for our combination early retirement/college graduation formy wife and i to go to, in 3 years. our deal was, if i can hack it out here for 3 years playing in the sand and rocks, and she goes back to school and gets her Masters degree to be a nurse practitioner,i can finally retire from this full time overseas contractor BS. well, this is the very first site that came up on the search. as it turns out, this is the ONLY 5 star restaurant in texas, as verified by Robb Report.....

has anyone heard of this place? been there? know someone that has been there. we are absolutely positively gong to this place in 3 years, possibly before. it's very expensive, yes, BUT. and this is the biggest BUT i have ever seen. this place has everything, if it had motorcycles, it would be perfect, but it has everything else to be MY Nirvana. it's not just a restaurant, it's a hotel and complete getaway with all the trimmings, and i do mean ALL. it has private, old rustic cabins decked out in incredible luxury. you can rent the cabin all to yourself, which is the size of a small house. you get your own private lap pool, your own private golf cart, your own private butler/concierge. they have a 5 star restaurant, where they grow they own veggies right there, right behind the place. they have a wine list, they offer cigars, and what impressed me the most was they have an actual BEER LIST. not just a line of beers, which is growing by the day,but they call it a beer list, with their own beer sommelier, aka cicerone. they have skeet shooting, horseback riding, fishing, horse drawn carriages, i think they might even have an archery range set up. this is the absolute close-to-perfect place to me, in my opinon. i won't spoil the menu for y'all, go read it for yourself. but don't read it on an empty stomach, you'll get hungry just looking at the menu.

anyone ever been there? reviews, please, if you have. i don't want this to be another case of 'too good to be true'. like i said,it is very expensive, but i'll be more than able to afford a week or so there in 3 years.

anyway, gang, it's good to see you guys again!
Same post as before no???
(11-16-2012, 07:27 PM)NickDrista Wrote: Same post as before no???

yes, it is the same post as before. i just wanted an answer to a question, not to introduce myself. i have been on this form many many times. posted many times. i have been away for a very long time, and i had to re-register. all i wanted to know was if anyone had been to this restaurant/hotel so i could get a feel for the place.please don' tmove this post again, sir. i just wanted some friendly answers to a friendly question.

keep on smokin!
It was moved because it was in the wrong section. You had been gone.for a while and reintroduced yourself after reregistering. Again, this is in the wrong section because it has nothing to do with cigars and its in the cigar section. This post will be moved to the proper section.
Viva Lancero!

The reviews I saw are across the board. All said the restaurant was excellent but some felt the the staff wasn't up to the task of a 5 star resort. I have found that most 5 star restaurants just don't make sense. You spend a crap load of money for food that you can get at a lot of other places.

What kind of activities do you like to do. I'm sure there are other places you could go and have a lot better time.

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