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Housing/Real Estate
Well those that do not know me here is a quick history of CJ, I have owned a real estate business(not sales) for the past 15 years(been around this industry for 17 years).

Everyone says the housing market is getting better, etc etc. That is built on false hopes. The truth is I am seeing so many backups of Foreclosures come across my desk and I am seeing so many people still buying above there heads because of lower interest rates.

Do as everyone pleases, I'm just one man I could be wrong but I think the housing market is gonna fall more, alot more.

Read the link.....

Check this out....

Reason for this post is I would also like to hear everyone's opinion and thoughts . Thanks for giving your opinion in this thread.

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I'm worried for my friend. She's been spending a lot of money on "flipping" courses. close to 30,000 of her own money. And spending countless hours on finding houses to buy and flip.
I believe that the info shes getting is good, but the people that end up profiting from it are few and far between. Do you have any experience with these companies that sell their prized information?
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omg, a flipping course? Why wouldn't they just buy the houses? I hope your friend makes her money back.
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I do too. She actually cut back her hours at work so she could devote more time to flipping!
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When we were out in Vegas we were talking to one of waiters and he said a lot of the fore closures are being bought up by foreigners. I think the housing market is the least of our worries. I want to know who is going to make Twinkies now.
I agree and it's still falling in many areas. I know a few bank mgrs and get a list from them once a month on there foreclosures and short sale stuff. What we have seen in the last year or so is the more expensive hoods are starting to go under. These people had more $ saved and took longer for it to hit them along with them loosing there jobs because they were further up the food chain. One of them at first Tennessee bank just got his letter from the 450 job cuts and has been there for 15 years.

I think this will be the first triple dip recession we have ever had. The grocery prices with all the other crap taking a bit and the big boys pulling there money out of the stock market at a rapid rate is our very own Obamanation at it's finest. If ALL these AHOLES wait until the last day to come together, we could see a real market crash with another downgrade of the US.

As for the twinkies, There are plenty on Ebay for one Million dollars with free ship.

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

I'm gonna miss my twinkies.

As far as real estate, I wonder if Sandy decreased or increased the value of my beach house. Only a few good places left but I don't care as I'm not selling anyway.
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Prices near me have edged up a bit
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I am so fortunate I naver got hooked on twinkies. I just found out about hostess tonight from my cousin. And, about the ones on ebay for $100 a box.
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