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~ 2010- The year I was "showered" with gifts from my SC Brothers.

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I am jealous...
I am prone to ear infection. If I use any sort of ear bud or headphone for a few hours a day for more than 2 or 3 days I get infections form the lack of air flow and the increase heat and moisture...

An ENT told me that if I didn't clean my ears as much I'd be fine, but I went down that road for a bit then couldn't deal with it. So it's back to q-tips and infections.
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Skipper, I have some damage to my right ear canal after the mother and father of all ear infections a few years back, it leaves me with a bad ear ache if I use the 3 sizes fit all ear buds that come with all in ear phones, even with a small bud on the right and a medium on the left it makes no difference.

Getting the Shures was a no brainer for me as they are superb, and have the bonus of cheapness to replace either the cable or a single monitor should things go wrong or get worn/broken.

Now, add to that, the fact that an audiologist created the perfect mold for my ears to allow me to slot the 425's in to ....... I'm sure you can see why I am so pleased.

The molds can be washed easily, have enough airspace in them to reduce any serious heat and moisture build up ... I've had them in for a few hours today while clearing the loft space in the house without ANY issues with sweat inside my ear .... and the comfort is first class, zero ache at all which is a major plus on my part.

If I could recommend anything else I would, but as far as I'm concerned, this is the way to go for both sound reproduction and financial common sense if music is a serious part of your life.

Custom made monitors are fantastic, there is no doubt, however, they have limits for me that my personal route proved to be a better choice.

Re-shelling custom monitors is expensive if something goes wrong with the earphone or cable
Custom monitors cant be stripped and cleaned like the molds and ear-phones option I decided on
over all cost to buy comparison (£200 more for the monitors)
upgrade option of 525s that will still fit in the custom molds if I decided to go that route (the upgrade of monitors would be cheaper to simply buy new monitors)
Harder wearing components with the Shure and custom mold option, the custom monitors I checked out looked fragile in comparison and the hard life my kit gets due to the amount of use and traveling means they have to be robust.

I guess I look at things as simply as this ...... $300 - $400 spent in comparison to going down the cheaper option but more frequently works out about the same in the long run ...... with the added bonus of the comfort and high quality sound though (?), I guess I cant see why I ould go the other route.

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