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Sony PS3 Players?
Who plays PS3?

In the winter months I do tend to play the Playstation 3 quite a bit in the evenings after my daughter goes to bed. I just got the new Call of Duty 2 a few days ago and just hit level 25 this evening. Maybe we can get a little group together to do some killing, StogieChat style!
I don't play a ton, but I do a fair amount in the winter. Lately I've been playing the latest Need For Speed.

Hit me up if anyone wants to play - Sconi97
Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.
Have yet to get the new COD
But feel free to add me... Any NCAA 2013 players?
StogieChat's Resident Classic Truck Restoration Amateur.

ebturner69 For anyone wanting to play COD 2
I do..madden 2012 for me...whoever wants to play for sticks, let me know!!! Lol
Playing a lot of Gran Turismo 5 with some local friends online. That franchise will pretty much always be a system seller for me.
Wife wants a game system and not sure which to get. Really thinking of the ps3. What say you guys?
Thats the age long question, Xbox or PS3! With Xbox you have to pay for online gaming per account. For the PS3 its free for unlimited accounts on your Playstation. For me that is important because I play quite a few online games. The feel of the controller is also important. I personally don't care for the Xbox controllers.

Now Xbox lovers will claim their online service is more reliable than Playstation, and Xbox did not ever suffer the data hack that Sony had this year. Just about all the games are available on both xbox and ps3. With the exception of Halo and a couple others of course.

For me, its Playstation!
Ps3 for me too
Playstation 3 for me as well. The Blu-Ray player, Netflix/Amazon/Hulu+, media streaming, etc... It's so much more than just a game system and you pay no monthly fee to use all of the web based stuff on it.

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