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yes...i am alive....
Hey friends!! Just poppin in to say hello as I am aware it has been quite a while. I will probably have a little more time to hang around coming up in about a week - I am having surgery and will be out of work....and it's on my shoulder so I will be unable to paint for a lil bit. Confused - prior to surgery, trying to get a bunch of seasonal stuff done...yard, garage, storm windows, etc but I'll "see" you in a week or so!

Meanwhile, hit me up if you need any art....the holidays are quickly approaching and I have cut a bunch of prices drastically..........
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Lots of good vibes going your way Eric.
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Hope everything goes well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Nice to see you post Eric, best of luck with the shoulder
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Warm thoughts sent your way buddy

Good to hear from you man
Git R Dun!

We had been wondering where ya been. Speedy recovery.
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Good Luck Eric....take your recovery slow !!!
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Good luck Eric!!!
Thanks, all! yeah....unsure of recovery time as the doc said that he won't know the extent of the damage until he gets in there BUT as I told the doc...over 2 years of pain - i think i can take a long recovery!!

I know I have been scarce around here but I have been painting like crazy over the past few months now that I have signed on with - hopefully it will pay off. Smile
Cigar Art here -

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