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Doomsday Preppers

This is the best survivalist forum around. It's based around a book that was written as a journal of a Z day survivor. The author is a active duty Naval aviator. Very good books.
That having been said, prepping for Z-day is fine and dandy, it gets you ready for many more scenarios.
I saw a video that said it's much more likely that the zombies will be more like the ones from 28 days later. The dead coming back to life is a very unlikely scenario.

Ammo, batteries, non perrishibles, emergency radios, medical supplies, cigars, all good stuff to stock pile.
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I'm not preparing for Z-Day, I'm preparing for the dang wind blew out the power and we're not big enough to matter day! But thanks for the link. I don't know that I'm looking full-on survivalist (I will starve before I eat bugs) but I'd like to be a bit prepared.
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