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SJS' ornaments and a sneak attack!!
Nicholas and I get home and notice the mail box is blown to pieces. Afraid of Nichols getting hurt I bring inside and he says

Da da da da da da da...that means what the hell is going on here?!?!?!
[Image: BF8295B8-5D67-4A90-B674-B6F20182602C-136...0966E6.jpg]

I say. Son, it's just a package from the one and only SJS we traded cigars for Christmas ornaments! He made a farting noise, spun around and was already bored with what I had to say. Here are the ornaments.
[Image: 32F427A5-3CE6-4D31-B60D-6B40A4D0C9AE-136...04D85B.jpg]

Then I hear - blah blah blah blah. That means - daddy, there is a bomb in there!!!
[Image: 3409BDEB-9486-404F-80D6-FB293B10596E-136...64B6F1.jpg]

Thanks Steve. Great sticks and the ornaments are kick a$$. Nicholas thanks you too.

[Image: a227a678371ec0766fc8fe8fb84b8682.jpg]
Those ornaments are bad ass!
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Another excellent job by Woody and just in time for the holidays.
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Nice wood!
Git R Dun!
Those are great!! LOVE the Sopranos one!
Viva Lancero!

Very cool

Awesome smack!!!
This is my boomstick!
Those are great! I'd love to hang one from my herf backpack. Amazing idea.

(I wish there were herfs within a few hours of home actually)
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Awesome job as always Steve! The Zombie & Soprano are too cool!
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You're welcome Nick.....Glad you and Nicholas like them !!!! I had to start from scratch with the CAO Sopranos one....but it did come out cool in the end !!

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