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Electoral Votes?!?
I knew you couldn't keep quiet.

Thread closed..
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Nice posts Tank! I agree about the BS. But I must say that being a liberal, republican, or democrat is NOT the final determination of a person. There are democrats and liberals that do not 100% agree with Obama, or Obamacare. Not everyone votes single party, and hense we all have different views on how the country should be run and by whom. Hunting down socialists is not the answer (I know that was a joke). I'm a Republican, but have never voted a straight ticket for my party. I vote on who I feel will do the better job. If that is a Democrat, then so be it. I do however mostly agree with Republican views on many subjects, but not all.

Wife works at Wal-Mart and her hours are surely going to get cut over this. Not like she makes a ton of money to begin with, but now it will be worse because of this Obamacare. Is it really worth it to work now for 29 hours a week....or be laid off and collect unemployment based on the 35+ hours she was getting?

I think its a ton of BS because now folks who were just getting by with 35 or so hours a week will see cuts. The companies may have to hire some new people to cover the work, thus reducing the unemployment rate. Problem is everyone ends up working for almost nothing while the unemployment rate "looks better". Yea, fuckin Obama created taking hours away from those already working.

I see the thread was closed? I sure wish we could debate without problems.

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