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Electoral Votes?!?
Secondly Val! Talking out differences? We can only agree to disagree on ideology. There is a movement in this country to fundamentally change it. Both sides talk and cannot agree. We had a political section here on SC four years ago. We had members touting free healthcare, how great Hugo Chavez was, amnesty for illegals, and the need for a safety net. Well our safety net is a hammock and there are parasites lying in it. Financially it is about to break.

Then there is talk of compromise. Well what is compromise? One side wants to raise taxes, the other says to cut spending. We know what the common sense position is. However one side needs to keep giving like Santa Claus cause it keeps them in political power.

Compromise? What does that really mean? One side says it needs a billion for its latest and greatest program. The other side says no. So what is the compromise? Half a billion instead of a billion? Compromise always means more spending and that is how we are in the mess we are in.

Compormise on taxes? We are taxed enough. The secular progressives believe in a progressive income tax. Well how much is enough? The Liberals will never give an exact number because they create class envy and warfare to propel votes for their agenda for increasing taxes. And its said to bring down the deficit. Well the math can tell us that will not work. We have a spending problem not a tax problem.
Third, whether you like big business or small nobody has a constitutional right to regulate growth. Big business got big because they provided products and services that people wanted, needed, and desired and the market was willing to pay the price for them. I love Walmart! Now I do not have to pay for overpriced shampoo. And I can get groceries and my Vizio flatscreen in one stop. I love McDonalds. Thank you Microsoft for making my computer life easier. Thank you Verizon your technology to let me text my cigar buddies all across the country. Thank you Apple for my Iphone!
Multi-national corporations? Define they? Each person is microcosm and collectively they make the whole. So who is the "other" who treats the individual as a number? Each person of a 50,000 person company makes the corporation. So when said employee walks through the front door is it she/he against the rest? Sure some have more power but there are checks and balances ending with a CEO who reports to the board of directors who are the major shareholders. And that corporation provides jobs, excellent wages, and benefits. You don't see people flocking away from corporations in favor of the mom and pop shop. Why? Because the wages and benefits are good. If you the employee don't like working for the corporation then you can leave and work for another, start your own business, or find a smaller company.
Finally, I will address your comment on divisive political talk. Like you I don't think its divisive to discuss. Politics is life. I do not want to shut up when a government keeps infringing on my rights. Here is the latest.

Obamacare to fine corporations $2k per person for those working more than 30 hours per week.

Obama endorsing UN arms treaty!
Bravo Tank! Smile2small
Git R Dun!
Now tell me where will this compromise go? I can tell you!! It will be to raise the debt ceiling and not stop it. It needs to stop. Paul Ryan will lead the charge to stop it and you will hear the likes of Obama and Harry Reid say we need to raise it. No compromise. Then the Republican will be painted as unwilling and uncompromising!

[Image: 643FD2EF-C8FB-4338-BEA6-0C5E99B01426-151...04E40B.jpg]
My final point is this:

We have a country that is more of a democracy than a republic. In a democracy "mob rules" and the will of the people can vote for whatever it wants. In a republic we still have voting but the will of the people cannot supersede the individual's constitutional rights. The latest examples we see of this is in the smoking laws. The will is stomping our rights to own and cater to cigar smokers. And when we take it to court we now have judicial activism stepping over our constitutional rights by stating for example......"well its a health issue".
Tank, Final Point: that means you are not posting in this thread anymore. Make sure you follow your advice.
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P.S. Multi-national corporations like Abbott, Welch Allen, Boston Scientific, will now be touted as mean uncaring corporations for laying off 5,000 employees in the coming month. Don't they care? Well Obamacare and its set formularies makes it where these medical companies have to lay off employees. Tech advances and growth are now thwarted because Obamacare will not pay for the latest and greatest breakthrough. Obamacare will only pay for pre-approved medical treatments.
(11-12-2012, 12:22 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: Tank, Final Point: that means you are not posting in this thread anymore. Make sure you follow your advice.

P.S.S. What should I talk about next?

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