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Election day
(11-07-2012, 04:56 PM)Domniomaestro Wrote: I too, went out and wasted my time by actually choosing someone. Like my vote actually counts for something. Perhaps i'll feel differently when/if they abolish the electoral college, and actually let my vote actually mean something.

Amen to that. Why do we still use it again?
To be fair the electoral college and popular vote was won...
True, but if Romney would have ended up being the favorite he still would NOT have been deemed the President like the population wanted.

I just don't quite follow the Electoral vote BS. They say its to make it fair to states with low populations to not be out voted by larger states, right? So why does California have 55 votes and poor old Delaware have only three? Seems its proportional to the population anyways! If the population is voting then what the F is the difference. All I see is the possibility of corrupting the electoral voter into voting for a specific party no matter what the majority speaks in their state.

What we saw yesterday is the fact that our country if quite divided in how things should be run. The electoral votes should have also reflected that fact, but they don't. I wonder if there is a list of electoral voters who voted against the majority vote by the people? 12 states control 53 percent of the votes in the Electoral College. I donno! Seems like we almost vote for nothing when someone else really casts the vote instead.

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