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My last project
I have been absent from SC for a while, here is a little of what I have been doing.

I bought this POS bike from my brother in law for $100.
[Image: 2012-06-18191317-1.jpg]

Two days later I traded it for this 70 Chevy pickup. Brought it home in pieces.
[Image: 2012-06-21191226.jpg]

[Image: 2012-06-21193333.jpg]

When I got it home and my wife saw it her words were "Are you F ing kidding me". I had it running that night, and fully assembled about a week later. Once I took her for a ride in it she loved it.

After assembly
[Image: 2012-07-03135438.jpg]

I can never leave well enough alone, so I bought some new wheels and tires, and lowered it.
[Image: 2012-08-18145328.jpg]

Its a good driver, but the plan was to sell it and make some money. Buying and selling cars is what I love do, and I make a pretty good profit at it.
I like smoking lightning
Here is a better pic
[Image: 614417_10151230643981551_203594673_o.jpg]
I like smoking lightning
Damn Carl, you & Lurch can go into business.
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Nice! Love those old pickups.
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Carl, nothing like a GREAT DEAL!!!! Nice score and initiative is a great thing. Thats the way I started years ago. Buy one fix it up, sell it or trade up and keep going. I have had over 200 cars and trucks, MOPARS all of them. Today I have downsized to two Cudas and a 63 Polara 500 convertible, but I started with buying 5 Imperials back in the day for $100.00 each for their 440s and trans. Sold 4 off to the derby guys for $500 each after removing the running gear for Cuda, roadrunner and the like. The last one was a 2 door and it sold for $2500. Thats $500 into $4500 in a week. Bought my first car hauler and never looked back. Its fun and because its a hobby its not taxed.

What you are doing shows that hard work and some thinking can do for you. I now build cars, trucks, old coke machines like my coke humidor, gas pumps, ect.

I just posted these same pics on the tool box P0RN thread but I am at home in my shop and this is just a part of it. Thta back corner room is a paint booth inside the garage. I spend a lot of hour inside there.


[Image: DSCF1765.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0418.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0416.jpg]
Not bad gentlemen. I have to say that I've never been accused of being in any way "handy" so I have a ton of respect for people that are!

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