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New type of saw
I just got an email and saw this new type of saw.

The Dremel SawMax,

I am thinking about getting one, I love the idea. I clicked and watched the demo video, pretty impressive.

I just read some user reviews now after posting this, seems it may get a little hot when using. I always read user feedback, that is one reason I like amazon because they let you write about it there. I may hold off until Dremel fixes that problem, OR just see what the return policy is at Lowes.
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That saw has been around for a while. It's been basically an infomercial item. It looks real nice, I wanted to come up with a reason to buy one, but cutting a piece of PVC every year wasn't enough to get me to pull the trigger.
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I have had one of the kits for 10 years and do use it and have 4 dremel's and they DO sttd behind there product 100%. The saw is propriatary for round blade only. Dremel bought rotozip I found out when I called for a problem with a part. They sent me an entire complete kit and said sorry. It's in the attic somewhere still sealed. LOL

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