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Sound Bars??
Hey everyone,

I am in the market for one, I have a 42 inch Samsung TV.....I have not really looked at them price wise yet, but I figured some of you might know about these or even have one.

I am looking to pick one up on Black throw em at me and thanks for the input.
Do you have a home theater receiver? Then buy a speaker system that includes a sub woofer. Sound bars are just ok for improving the sound from your tv. But IMO not what you want for real home theater sound.
Get BOSE, you will not be sorry you did. I had Bose in my E320 benz, amazing!
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Do not get Bose... Overpriced and over equalized.

There is an old saying in my industry...

All highs no lowes, must be Bose

That being said sound bars are generally not that great.

If you truly want good sound and can actually tell the difference between decent sound and good sound then you will want to look at a component system.

There is no one brand that anyone can really recommend as everyone's hearing is different.

Best advice I can give is go and listen to some systems. Go to a place that actually let's you listen to them in a real world is environment.

I love my Boston acoustics surround sound. Obviously it's not a sound bar but it is awesome...I bought it at best buy for $499 a few months back. Was on sale. Remember too typically things on sale Black Friday aren't the most popular. Like laptops for $250. They are worth that much typically...just my .02
While I agree that Bose is not the most accurate sound reproduction, I think to the ear of the "Average Joe" they tend to sound pretty good. But as said before, you can certainly do better. I don't think you could pay me to go out shopping on Black Friday however. What an awful, awful day. Set up an account on slickdeals, and set up a deal alert for sound bars. I've seen Vizio's on there go dirt cheap. Buy from a reputable seller so you can return it if you don't like it. I personally have an LG with a wireless subwoofer. It's OK, not great, but not bad either. Certainly better than the TV speakers, but not as good as an all out home theater system. But I'll take the loss on sound quality (I can't hear sh*t anyway) for the ease of hookup.
Love slickdeals. Awesome site!
Quote:Love slickdeals. Awesome site!

Great site. Look at it daily. Along with woot...
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Gen Shinseki
(10-26-2012, 12:39 AM)Dwharmsway Wrote:
Quote:Love slickdeals. Awesome site!

Great site. Look at it daily. Along with woot...

me too
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