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Hurricane Sandy
Well I got power back today but I have a problem with 2 breakers. Of course the breaker that is giving me the problem is the one I would use to run the Christmas lights.
I think it might be a GFI outside outlet that got wet etc or it's a problem with wires in my crawl space. So, I turned off the main before I left the house.
Tomorrow, I'll try to figure it out by process of elimination.
If I can't then I'll have to call the guy (an electrician).
So for now, no Christmas lights.
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Viva Mumcero - Mahk 12/4/2010 -
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I couldn't trace the wires. This is disappointing as I now have to call the guy and wait for a certified electrician to help me out.
Even tho I have contractor connections it will be a while before an electrician can see me out as the island is closed most of this week and there are far greater emergencies then me..

I can't take the chance of just shutting the breakers that are tripping since I'm not at the house full time so to be safe I turned off the main which means no Christmas lights.

I must have wet connections in the junction boxes of my crawl space and I gather those connections need to be snipped and wire nuts have to be replaced.

Having a certified electrician will at least give me peace of mind and insured me if something happens.
They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
Viva Mumcero - Mahk 12/4/2010 -
Honorary Shield Brother
Weak people seek Revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people Ignore
Sorry Jimmie Sad
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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i dont have many pictures... I wasn't thinking of memorializing this, I wanted to forget it. I did take some shots for the insurance company but they are on my camera card and I dont have a computer any longer. I dont even know if I will replace it.
I lost my lower floor on my house. The water came up around 3 feet at an agonizingly slow pace. I was upstairs in my living room when I realized this was going to be an event. The water rose up past the bottom of my car which was parked on the highest point of my driveway and on top of stacks of landscaping ties I put there so they wouldn't float away. I went into the garage and found the water at this point to be around 3 feet deep. I shut the power and walked away. Another hour later I realized my car was gone and shortly after that the water began to come into my first floor thought, of all things, the air conditioner vents. I was in shock. I picked up a few things and put them on top of desks and other furniture. Little did I realize this made them top-heavy and as soon as they began to float they flipped and everything ended up in the water. When the water got deeper than the tops on my boots, in my elevated first floor, I stopped checking...
When it receeded I went to bed. The next morning I surveyed the damage. Everything in the garage is gone. A lifetime of tool buying. My dads tools... I threw out 2 corded drills and 3 cordless drills. 3 electric sanders. A leaf blower, edger, power washer, my bait freezer (which actually floated then flipped over). I saved my cigars but may have lost my aristocrat humidors. The jury is still out. My crawl space looked a lot like Jimmies pictures. When my insulation came down it ripped out all my low-voltage cables (tv/cable, alarm, cameras), all my 110 volt wires (mostly just the airconditioners) and broke a few heating pipes. My hard-wood floor had to be ripped up. As of mid-last week it was replaced. I have no heat downstairs and the boiler needs to be replaced. It's not working so hot but we're all surprised it's working at all. I already changed my hot-water heater and bought a new car (I just got my check for $31,000 for the old car-no one was more surprised than I!) I threw out computers, 2 beds, a couch, 3 TVs 2 rooms of carpeting, dressers, 3 desks, cabinets, book cases, shelves... it goes on and on and on... Washer, dryer, shredder, clothes, I had an uncirculated sterling silver coin set for every year the new state quarters were minted. The plastic cases were filled with salt water. It's silver value now. I am living in this house. What little survived (or what little I hope survived) is upstairs with me... I can barely get around in the house. I eat standing up over the stove and sink. I cant get into any rooms upstairs except my bedroom (well, half of it) and my master bath.
The way it looks the contractor should be finished by next weeks end (including the plumbing and rebuilding the bath). Then I need to get my electric sorted out. my AC, my doc and that should be it. Fish has offered to help me with the electric (which I am extremely grateful for). My insurance company is covering around 1/3 of all of this.
My mom's house, which I own is in similar shape has no insurance at all.
My boat is fine.

today is my first full day back at work since the storm.
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Heartbreaking to hear John

My thoughts are with you my friend
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Damn Skipper, sounds like you've had your hands full to say the least. Glad to hear you're getting things back in order.
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Wow John, unbelievable...sorry
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Man skip that is terrible...
Thoughts are with you Skipper.

John,I'm so sorry, take one day at a time moving forward to rebuild your home.

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