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Hurricane Sandy
(10-29-2012, 09:34 PM)Maduro PiPs Wrote: Where I am, the wind has been insane. The rain is virtually non-existent. But the wind is very dangerous with all the trees involved.

I prepared this time. I have the generator on stand by. I had electricians here this morning for a few hours setting up a transfer kit for my breakers and such so I can power items directly from my panel. I bought a new pump as well for the driveway drain. At least 20+ gallons of gas too. This damn storm cost me about a grand for sure so far, but it's better to be safe and now I set for the future. Fortunately, I still have my power.

Now concerning Skip, I've been in contact with him all night. He said he lost his first floor!! Extreme water damage. He lost his aristocrats too since then couldn't be saved. He said his car is under water too. His neighbors boat already floated away and he's afraid his is next since its barely hanging on. The dock I believe is gone too. He needs help and I wish there is something we can do.

That is terrible!!! We have some very strong winds here, still have power for now, and had a huge branch blown off tree that landed on my shed and blew out the side. Easy fix compared to most of you. Our health is most important, everything else can be replaced. Will do whatever I can to help Skipper and others out.
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Horrible news. Hate to see everyone going through this. Stay safe.
My thoughts and prayers are with you guys tonight. I have a cousin in Brooklyn, too, hope she is all right. Terrible news about Skipper's house and boat.
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Oh man, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the loss people are experiencing with this storm. I sure hope Skipper & the rest of you affected by this make it through safe and sound.
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Omeyn, I second that!

BS"D (With the help of heaven).
(10-29-2012, 11:51 PM)Benfishin1 Wrote: Oh man, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the loss people are experiencing with this storm. I sure hope Skipper & the rest of you affected by this make it through safe and sound.
“Evil is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”
Get through this physically in one piece brothers ...... everything else can be fixed.

Thoughts and prayers with you all.

John, I hope your beloved Magabite hangs on in there, I know you have had to deal with high water before, but your boat is your baby.
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Well, where i am in CT it is pretty calm. The coastline (20 miles south/Google stonington or mystic) has been getting smoked with flooding. The entire CT shoreline is a mess, especially the western end of the coast. Most of the surrounding areas have lost power, probably for a few days. Mom lives in Niantic and they have no juice.

We still have power. Our town has an independent electric company, so we rarely lose power. We have lived here 6 plus years and have been without power for about 12 total hours. We are fortunate.
I have not been in contact with Skipper for a while but the news was listing his area as having 20+ foot waves earlier today. He has been in my thoughts all day, as have been a bunch of you in the NY/NJ/CT/MA/DE/VA/WV/DC/NC/SC/PA and any other area that is getting it's butt kicked.

Heck, I saw clips of people surfing on lake Michigan. A LAKE...800 miles away. This storm was massive. I hope all of you guys and gals are safe.
Got a text from Jimmie a little earlier... it said "The storm f*cked us real bad. Both places."

Our thoughts and prayers are continuing to all of you guys back there!

We have been praying for the safety of you guys all day. On a lighter note, my great uncle us getting a blizzard in West Virginia because of it. He is happy
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