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White mold -- on my humidification device?
Vacum it out with the hose attachment before putting anything in, other than that I'm not sure, someone else can comment more.

Question: Do you have a good hygrometer that is calibrated?

(10-24-2012, 11:20 AM)SmokingParrot Wrote: Now that I have the new humidification in the humidor, should I do anything to clean it? I was thinking once the humidity stabilized I would put a few cheapo cigars in there to make sure that the mold didn't remain anywhere in the humidor....
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I just put one of my digital hygrometers in it this morning to double check the analog one and make sure it is accurate. This is my 3rd humidor.....
I suspect that you "may" have just had your humidor way too damp???

As for analog hygrometers, most of them are junk. If you pay ALOT of money for one that has a human hair inside you could get an accurate one that is for lab use, but otherwise they are"merely" for looks.

When getting a new humidor I always, always do two things (besides seasoning it).

1. Toss the foam.
2. Toss the analog hygrometer.

After that I use a reliable digital that I calibrate (boveda makes a calibration kit for about $5)

WHY? WHY? WHY? do humidor manufacturers even bother? It would be like an auto maker a putting paper roof on a every convertible and the consumer having to buy his own canvas top right after he gets the car home.

I guess the foam will get you by in a pinch, but non-digital hygrometers have cost more guys money in losing their cigars than you'd imagine. This and many of us when 1st getting started used tap water other than distilled until' we found out otherwise.
“Evil is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”
you dont have to have your environment way too humid to get mold. i get it all the time. spores are everywhere and any dampness will invite them to grow. Did you ever get mold on your bread? how damp was it? sometimes you get it simply because it was left dark and quiet. mold hates light, specifically uv light. I had a recurring problem with a box of tony sopranos that just wouldn't quit. I finally took the cigars and humidor outside one sunny day and let them all bake in the light. When I put everything back I never had a problem again.

Testing with cheap cigars will do little. Those spores could spawn a week or a year from now or never. You never know. In all likelihood vacuuming will do little. If you leave behind 1 microscopic spore it could initiate another bloom.

My advice would be to just keep an eye on things and enjoy life.
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