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Little Cigars in PA
I saw this today on the Famous Smokes site. Looks like they are not shipping any little cigars to customers in PA anymore.

Got to love our government for bending us all over with more and more taxes. Its actually cheaper to buy a large cigar versus a little one, so stores cannot make anything selling them in PA.

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“Evil is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”
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Pretty sad...
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Messed up...
I hope everyone here has signed the petition at the link I sent and sent it off to your state officials.

Takes 60 seconds.
“Evil is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.”
In Pennsylvania the little Tatiana cigars have been classified as a CIGARETTE, thus taxed and regulated like one too.
But it's not the same freaking thing as a cigarette! Stupid idiots, it's like classifying my AR-15 a fully automatic machine gun because it has very similar looks.
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This is unreal
I can just see the great debates now over the definition of the word "little". Compared to an elephant, a Churchill is "little"
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