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Cigar shop etiquette
Everything here is fantastic advice.

I have always thought the rule number one is knowing that you are new. If there are established rules, traditions, protocols, whatever you want to call them... People WILL point them out to you. Be accepting of advice and willing to learn. If you are knowledgable and have a pretty good baseline about cigars, they regulars there will learn that over time and respect your knowledge and opinions. If you roll in as the know-it-all it's a reputation you will rarely be able to shake.

The second and just as important rule would be to buy at least a single cigar when you go in, and smoke it there. If you want to get a few, and take some home, do not hesitate. It is always good form to support the shop. The place has rent, utility bills, inventory overhead, and more. If there are a good crowd of regulars, it means a lot to those people to see a business that they appreciate attracting new clients and perpetuating it's existence. Spending a couple bucks while there builds some good will.

That said, go and smoke. I'm 29 and have met some of the most entertaining people I know visiting cigar lounges in a few places around the country. We aren't fortunate enough to have many cigar lounges here in WA, so you gotta appreciate what you have, and patronize it so it stays around.

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