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Scary last few days
So my dad goes to the doctors Monday for the 1st time in 7yrs. He calls me and says he is in the ER for VERY high blood pressure. When I say high I mean 260/130 high. He has excess fluid in his legs and stomach and today they thought he had an heart attack Monday. Well good news is no heart attack, kidneys are working well and all he needs to do it take care of himself better, exercise and take BP medicine. The BP is down considerably and other then being exhausted, is doing great. I am the oldest of 4 so needless to say I had to be a rock or them. Glad he is doing better and time to start taking care of himself. Very happy news all around now!!
Good news that he will be OK. Make sure you get on him about exercising and eating right. Walking is one of the best and easiest things that people can do for exercise. Hope he gets on the right track.
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Nick, glad all is ok but it sounds like he has to take better care of himself. Hopefully, he will listen and do this for himself & family.
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He will do it meh has lost a ton of weight before and as of November, he will have 3 grand kids. It's time to get moving!
Glad too hear all is well.
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Wow! Glad to hear he's doing better.
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Good to hear he is OK
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Good news.
Glad he's better now buddy!
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Superglad to hear he is doing better! What is making him exhausted?
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