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What time is Cigar Time?
My smoking has dramatically decresed the past couple weeks... gonna work on changing this! But usually either after work days in the evenings, or saturdays/sundays while watching football
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When it is warmest out. Usually 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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Usually on a weekend really early in the morning. I will go for a walk around the city right about sunrise and have a cigar with my coffee. Always my favorite time to smoke...
Lately, cigar time has been while on the road. Been trying to make a list of the shops with lounges, so when I go back, I can visit with them again.
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My cigar time is when it's early enough for the sun to be shining on my backyard, and late enough to drink a couple of fingers of cognac or whiskey while I smoke.
For me it used to be 1 on the way to work then 1 or 2 while at work then 1 on the way home. Now that I'm retired I'd say anywhere from 1 to 3 while on the golf course and a few during the week at home.
Anytime I can get time to relax.
Happy Hour a little early in the day a little early in the week! But I do it cause I can!

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I am most partial to early morning full cigar in the studio while painting with a good cup of joe!
Cigar Art here -
Lately these warm winter afternoons call out for a good cigar. 60 degrees in Raleigh at 5pm.

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