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I Got a Kilt!
Here is the rest of the devastation! First an Elements Black Ops Iphone case. This thing is unreal. Aircraft aluminum and rock solid protection in a thin package.

[Image: ops001_zps8fb1bf69.jpg]
Are you kidding? A box of these gems! I will tuck these away for a few years and pull them for a future herf! Many thanks Dave!

[Image: 4CCE10F5-FF70-4095-99AC-7C3F18867FB7-417...04BC9C.jpg]
North Face booties! I am loving these!

[Image: B811C8E9-DEA3-465F-AA42-862246952098-418...F9831F.jpg]
And the artwork!

[Image: 64076E4A-2A57-45D6-A49B-09BE638B1CEF-417...498B20.jpg]
Who do you suppose painted this? Fricken perfect!

[Image: 4A79695F-EB5D-4E50-A8DA-6029E402A4C2-417...248966.jpg]
Wow....that is all I am able to say...WOW!!!!
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Suck it up princess hahahahahaha

Glad you like everything, i had my reasons for each item

The Black Ops case ..... these are without a doubt THE best bumper for an iphone on the market. CNC machined and hand finished. My iphone dropped from my shirt pocket on to concrete and the bumper took the hit, leaving my phone without any damage whatsoever. The BlackOps had to be a Tanky bumper, full on swat to the max for my zombie hunting friend.

The Kilt ..... what can I say?

The coffee, well its a favourite of mine, and since we cant share a mug in person, this will have to do.

The sticks were something I thought you may not have ...... which is hard to find (something you dont have that is) .... and I'm just coming to the end of a 2009 box that are sublime, so I figured both you and Dooley should have a box.

The booties ..... well these were as a result of Princess Tanky Poo sobbing and blubbering about how cold his ickle tootsies were when he had to clear the drive last year. Being the good friend that I am I had to find a solution for him .... the sheep skin socks were unfortunately humped by Ziggy the stogie dog, and had to be burned (fire kills everything), so I found these as an alternative ...... I have to admit its a pleasant surprise that you actually like these hahahahaha .... result!!!!

And lets not forget the teabags ....... Bwahahahahahahahaha
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Wow Dave, some thinking went into all the hits..

What a smack down...
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What else can I say? But thanks! This is amazing. The artwork is already hanging in the mancave. What a great addition. I love this iphone case. And I wear the booties everyday. Not only do they keep my feet warm, but when I am walking I can tuck my Johnson in the left booty.
The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why

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