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I am asking for help?
May God watch over your nephew Jaxon. Prayers going out from here in NC for him.

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Sorry to hear about this...Thoughts and prayers sent your way.

Thank you!
THis is sad, please keep us updated and good thoughts sent.
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Thank you Jimmie
thoughts and prayers. Hopefully everything will work out just right.
Our thoughts and prayers are streaming your way!

Just got off the phone with my mom, they did a lot of tests and the doctor is just waiting for the results. They have him awake and are letting him eat some French toast and sausage so he is a happy camper. It is good news for sure! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts guys !

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Great news! Thanks for the update.
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Ok some good news. The doctors found nothing in his lung, so the blood clot is gone!! But they are confused because his urine test is clear but they do see something on his kidney. If all goes well they will discharge him tomorrow!! Thank you everyone it means the world to Darrel and myself for all your prayers and well wishes!! Thank you so much!!!

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