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Blood sugar and Cigars
(10-03-2012, 07:45 AM)Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote: cigars have nicotine. as much as a pack of cigarettes. But this is misleading (like tea having more caffeine than coffee). You absorb much much less nicotine in an average cigar than in a pack of cigarettes. You get just a little more than 1 or 2 cigarettes-if that (because cigarettes are laced with chemicals designed to help you absorb it more and you inhale them-your tongue is simply not a good place to absorb nicotine).
But, I know NOTHING about blood sugar and smoking.
Having said that... there is so much negative hype surrounding smoking I doubt so much of what the anti-smoking Nazis say these days. I would tend to dispute this sugar thing too. How can something that contain no sugar increase your blood sugar? It makes no sense to me but I know nothing on the subject.

i agree with skipper.
i do notice when i smoke alot of medium smokes an then go back to full cigars i have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me nervous or weak or naucious but i eat gummi bears or worms or peacho's after a cigar anyway it calms me down. don't know why but it just does.
far as the smoking nazi's go i let them talk an say you can take all that jazz to the cigarette smokers i am a cigar smoker big difference in my book.

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