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My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes
So, ...I am headed out for kick ass weekend of motorcycling at the Cornerspin school outside of Charlotte NC. What I need is a cigar worthy of the day off and a two hour road trip. My father to the rescue.

Picked up a single My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes.

Like the others in the My Father's line it is a great stick. I had not had this particular one, wrapped in cedar. Makes a good thing better as far as I am concerned.

[Image: StogieChat+036.jpg]

Good pepper at the onset. Followed by the cedar and wood. Very pleasant.

[Image: StogieChat+037.jpg]

Lots of full tobacco flavor.

[Image: StogieChat+038.jpg]

[Image: StogieChat+039.jpg]

"If there are no cigars in Heaven, I shall not go." --Mark Twain
Those are just plain awesome
(09-29-2012, 07:33 AM)jitzy Wrote: Those are just plain awesome

Agreed, you just can't go wrong with any My Father smokes.

Thanks for the review..
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What the others said

(09-29-2012, 09:37 AM)wtfdic Wrote: What the others said

I fricken love these

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