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Can someone do me a favor? Searching ebay
(09-30-2012, 01:11 PM)tarheel7734 Wrote: Thanks. I see the new rules on the ebay page. It had to be recent within the past week.

Its been a few weeks now. Shaun Hill stared it with beer sales about two months ago and it snowballed from there.

Even though I have been know to over pay for a bottle or two on eBay, I actually like it as it puts a stop to the mega price gouging that was happening on eBay.
Viva Lancero!

Only reason I would consider buying on there is no one around here carries any single malt miniatures and it gave me a chance to try some scotches I would not have. Only paid about 5.00 for each of the glenmorangie and glenlivet miniatures I had. Texas is such of a pain I can not order and have delivered from a store.

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