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Carbon Fibre cigar case
I have the 2 finger Corona case, thanks to Mark who helped me out a couple of years ago, but now they manufacture a case for bigger ring cigars and I have an itch that needs scratching.

This is what I want,

Griffins Carbon Composite Double Corona 5 1/2" x 50 case. 2 cigar case is usually around the $75 mark..

The trouble is, I cant find one anywhere in the UK.

So, who's up for a deal or trade, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours? I'm open to suggestions.

Speak to me folks and lets see if we cant get me one of these cases, I love the 2 cigar Corona case, but sometimes wish I had the same for a couple of Robustos, so why not, they weight practically nothing and are far more trick than a standard leather case in my opinion.
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Damn the only place I can find it is out of them.

I did stumble upon a these:
[Image: zinoCarbonFiber_1.jpg]

Both are Double Corona Size and Zino Branded


I have been called a carbon fiber junkie, so I like this.
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