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A Texas Hit
Well, Mrs. Mum and I were in Texas for a week and we stopped off in San Antonio to herf with Val, Thomas and his dad Lloyd,
(I'll post a few pics in the herf section).
Anyway, while herfing and having lunch, Val & Thomas hit me with these fine smokes.

I did smoke this one in Galveston Texas:
[Image: 2012-09-24_18-17-36_765_zps0d4047dc.jpg]

Here are the others:
[Image: 2012-09-26_22-30-26_428_zpsb5009252.jpg]

3 La Gloria Cubanas & a PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura.

[Image: 2012-09-26_22-30-43_903_zps3cd1597a.jpg]

Thanks we had a great visit with you guys. It was well worth the extra time for the side trip. I'll be thinking of my Texas trip as I smoke these babies.
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Nice job Val and Thomas!!!
"I do not save cigars for occasions that may not happen. Cigars make the occasion special, not the other way around."

Nicely done!
Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.
Love it ..... nice hit.
The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why
Great Hit ....
Nicely done!
This is my boomstick!

Very very nice.....laying a smackdown on the Mum!! WTG!!!

Congrats Jimmie!
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
Looks like Jimmie is getting a SKIRT lol!!!
I have thought about hitting the mum, but I dont think I have anything he would like.

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