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Stickey Bomb + Melanio From Nickey!

I mentioned on a thread about getting one of those stickers that just said NUB on them and Nick said he may have another and would send it to me, this was 2 months ago and I'm sorry, but I can't remember or find the thread right now.....anyway, I sent him a friendly reminder about this and he had told me he had big deal....well he sent me 3 stickers (NUB, 3D Leaf & the Round ST sticker) + 4 body guards.

I couldn't wait, I put 2 of the stickers on right away and nearly fell over when i seen the Melanio, have really been wanting to try these BEFORE our event on 10/4 (shameless plug).

[Image: C2794910-92C0-47E9-AF8A-AA879D933EE4-505...EA7E22.jpg]

You can see the leaf in the top right hand corner

[Image: 7833561F-024C-4E74-A098-8EEC16719271-505...F6ED8A.jpg]

After I put the stickers on I showed my wife and I was all excited like a kid at Christmas and she gave me this look like "really??" but she smiles and said "nice."

Well I couldn't wait and I lit up the Melanio this morning on the way to work WOW! These are great.....THANK YOU AGAIN NICK, Nicely done.
Holy crap Nick...
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Nice, love those stickers and some great sticks to boot!
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The melanio is a great stick.
Nicely done! Smile

Another fine hit...well done!
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