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Bike Project
My girl got a new bike so I'm taking her old one and chopping it up. I have a general idea what I'm going to do with it but I don't have it in my mind where this is gonna end yet. So I figured I'd start a thread to see if anyone has any ideas for me and to track my progress.
Here's what it looked like when she was still riding it. Pretty much stock with forward controls and high air flow.
[Image: 58EDD1D8-C2F5-4DED-9F15-F2477E5E1F8C-239...6b4196.jpg]
Here's what it looked like last night. In the process of putting on 16 inch ape hangers.
[Image: D259E381-D2FA-45DB-B618-86AFBDACCC38-239...ac7748.jpg]
Here is what it looks like now. Relocated license, got rid of blinkers, higher handle bars, new cables and internal wiring.
[Image: A00C4B2B-93E7-4684-90BA-B5E62A03F858-239...a7d7ca.jpg]
[Image: DBE8B22F-5C3F-44C1-8BF7-3504C7F5A31D-239...3bc635.jpg]
[Image: 5DC20491-DF67-48AE-B4DB-70F776522D43-239...10b64a.jpg]
Next up is black Progressive shocks that will lower it an inch plus a lowering kit to drop it another inch. After that I'm getting some black Vance and Hines Slash Cut Shortshots.
Here's where I want some input. I'll be pulling off the tank and fenders to chop and paint. I'll be doing it myself and I'm up for experimenting and trying radical stuff, but I'm wanting an old school bobber look when I'm done. So where to chop the fenders and to cut the back straight across or do a design and what to paint it are still undecided.
Any ideas fellas?
That thing looks awesome. You gonna let me ride it? Looking at doing the same thing this winter to my bike, I'll probably be calling you for lots of advice.
You can ride it all you want when you head out to the middle part of the state Earl.
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If you cut straight across the rear fender it will be too close to Cassies new scoot, and too close to the new factory look as well.

I'd suggest trying to curve the rear when bobbing it, the start of the curve to be the top of the existing tail light. In addition, this could work well with shortening the front fender, both the front and the rear of it, curved, maybe 3 inches either side of the brackets for mounting to the forks. Forks should be black as well.

I dont know if I would chop the tank ..... maybe remove the speedo and try to smooth out the top of the tank, flush fuel caps and a decal as opposed to the badges on the side.

Trim the fat off of the seat to blend it in to both the tank and the rear fender.

Black rims with chrome spokes

Job done

But thats just what I'd do.
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Just had a couple of more thoughts.

How about rear set pegs and flat bars
The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why
Dude...that is looking awesome - love the apes. I have been back and forth on whether to get a pair....concerned about comfort factor...ANYWAY - I don't think I would go with a design on the fender...straight or a clean curve. Flat black paint no added designs or decals (unless it's a VERY subtle ghost flame or skull design), Minimalist solo seat, black rims/spokes OR perhaps red rims/black spokes. Looking forward to project progress pics. Have fun, bro!
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I'd rake the front end a few degrees and maybe angle the tank up a little to give it more of a bobber look. As far as the apes go I don't think I would ever ride without them again, they make riding sooooooo comfortable.
Looking good!!
Parkster and Jitzy, those are all things I've been thinking. I'm thinking the fenders need some design in the cut when I chop them and I'm also thinking of powder coating the triple trees, forks, and wheels. But, like Jitzy suggested, I may rake it with some after market triple trees so I'm holding off on the powder coating until I see how it looks once I slam the back and chop the fenders. I'm definitely going to raise the front of the tank an inch or two. I never thought of getting rid of the dash and speedo. I want to flush mount the gas cap and I think I'll ditch the useless gas gauge on the other side. All good ideas, now all I need is time and money and I'll be done.

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